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Flapper Girl

Schritt 1An equal ratio of Artex is thoroughly mixed together before being smoothed onto the neck. The edges are blended using the Make-up Mischspatel. The center of the Artex is shaped and manipulated, creating the wound. Perfect Matt is applied over the application to reduce the shine before the color detail is applied from the Cream Color Circle (Bruise).
Schritt 2The hairs of the brows are coated with Hydro Mastix 12 ml and brushed flat to the skin. Cine-Wax 10 g (neutral) is blended into the surface of the hairs, smoothing the texture. Shimmering Event Foundation (pearl) is then applied all over the face before Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g, mixed with Make-up Blend 30 ml, is buffed in, lightening the skin complexion. The brow area is then set with Dermacolor Fixierpuder 20 g.
Schritt 3HD Micro Finish Powder is pressed in with a Premium Puderquaste Schwarz 8 cm to set. Glamour Glow (pale tan) and Glamour Glow (icy blush) are applied as highlighter on the high points of the face. Eye Shadow Matt (oak) and Eye Shadow Matt (charcoal) are blended under the cheekbones, into the hairline and around the chin creating contour. Eye Shadow Matt (aubergine) is used to add a deep blush to the cheeks and contours.
Schritt 4HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied to the eyelid and blended underneath the bottom lashes. Eye Shadow Matt (charcoal) is worked into the inner corners of the eye socket. Satin Powder 3 g (SP 783) is applied into the socket line before Eye Shadow Matt (eggplant) concentrates on the outer corners and bottom lash line. The brows are drawn using HD Cream Liner (ebony). Apply Eyelashes.
Schritt 5Glamour Glow (pale tan) is blended in under the eyebrows, once the HD Cream Liner has completely dried, creating a soft highlight. The lips are defined and accentuated with Faceliner (32). To achieve the perfect shade, Lip Stain (classic) and Lip Stain (ska) are mixed together and painted onto the lips. High Gloss (crystal rose) is sparingly pressed over the top creating a soft sheen finish.
Schritt 6To add depth to the wound, Fresh Scratch 15 ml (waste oil) is layered into the indented parts of the Artex. Supreme Blood External 15 ml (dark) is first dripped into the wound and allowed to run out and drip down the neck. Using the end of a brush it is then flicked on the face and neck. Some areas are deliberately smeared with the fingers to create different impressions of texture.

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