Special Effects Make-up: Burns, Scars & Wounds - Online Live Workshop


Indulge your morbid curiosity.

Learn to create realistic and gruesome injuries in the "Special Effects Make-up: Burns, Scars & Open Wounds" live, online workshop. You'll work hands on with professional make-up products from the Kryolan special effects range--the same products used by make-up artists in the film and television industries around the world. Our experienced special effects instructor will guide through the necessary steps to achieve each injury.

You'll learn:

-Skin prep and protection
-How to create fresh and aged bruising
-How to create an abrasion
-How to create a raised, keloid type scar
-How to create a severe open wound
-How to create a severe burn with blistering, oozing, shedding skin
-Realistic coloring and blood application techniques
-How to work with modelling silicone, alcohol activated colors and other professional products.
-Proper make-up removal

Your professional make-up kit includes*:

-Marly Skin Barrier Foam
-Body Illustration Make-up Color Set 18 Colors "Extra"
-Body Illustration Make-up Color Single "101"
-Body Illustration Make-up Color Activator
-Liquid Latex
-Drying Blood "Light"
-HD Blood Gel "Dark Venous"
-Translucent Powder "TL1"
-Stipple Sponge Coarse Pore
-Foam Sponge Wedges
-Illusion Brush "Vital Line"
-Illusion Brush "Perfect Petal"
-Illusion Brush "Finer Point"
-Make-up Mixing Spatula and Mixing Plate
-Make-up Remover

*Products are subject to change based on availability.

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