Melting Glaze

Diese Saison bestärkt uns darin, im Einklang mit uns selbst zu sein. Uns dessen bewusst zu werden, was uns emotional und physisch bewegt, ist ein wichtiger Schritt, um Teil dieses wachsenden Trends zu werden. Farbe spielt eine bedeutende Rolle dabei.
Exploring its ability to energize or calm. Two key elements balance this somehow feral direction, one visceral and dynamic, and the other sensual and soothing.

Holographic Pigments lend themselves to the fundamental features in perfect harmony. Iridescent hues in striking textures dress the eyes in waves of splendor.

Supporting Holographic Pigments in their leading role are a select few products that enhance or peacefully settle the transforming loose powders, presenting them in all their versatility. Eye Shadow Primer increases the durability of the pigments without changing the natural appearance for a soft, tranquil feel. HD Cream Liner provides a base intensifying the depth of color in the traveling pigments for bold impact, while Supracolor’s intense color payoff enables Holographic Pigments to showcase its iridescent and color transforming qualities.